Yuki no WaiWai Kids (English)

Yuki no WaiWai Kids (English)

Yuki no WaiWai Kids 3/16 (有紀のワイワイKIDS 3/16) is a Satellaview game.

The ROM was originally dumped through the effort of several people and published on the Satellablog.

As the game was packed together with another one, I took the liberty to extract the game and rebuild a working pack with the game alone.

Roms (Japanese and English)

Japanese ROM English ROM
Download WaiWai Kids 3-16 (Japanese).bs Download WaiWai Kids 3-16 (English).bs

The game

The game is a “spot the difference” game using the same engine as WaiWai Check.
You have an animated image on the left and the mirrored version on the right with 5 differences.
Moving the cursor around you have to find the differences, each worth different amount of points. Unlike WaiWai Check, this game has no 2 player mode, you play against a ruthless A.I. representing Yuki instead.

The main menu has an option for Radio ON/Radio OFF (Select Radio OFF or Music ON to have the in game music) as the game were intended to be played while listening to the radio show.

Yuki’s WaiWai Kids was part of the radio show Yuki Uchida’s Dusk Street Kids (内田有紀の夕暮れストリートキッズ (Uchida Yuki no Yuugure SutoritoKizzu)).
The show was hosted by Yuki Uchida.

On the end game postcard, you can press Up and Down to scroll down the message.

There is a rom for a game “Waiwai Check 3-7” going around but it’s not working (It’s missing at least 25% of the data).\


00 01 02
03 04 05
06 07 08


Player Score: WRAM $88-$89
CPU Score: WRAM $98-$99

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